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One to one mentoring is the perfect way for creative business owners in the wedding industry to get personalized guidance and support to help them reach their goals.

Throughout this service, Laura will work with you to develop a tailored plan to grow your business, streamline and make more profit.

Laura has been instrumental in helping many set up their wedding planning business and other creative businesses reach their full potential.

Here are just some ideas of previous clients and how they have been helped.

Building a wedding planning or styling business from the ground up.

Website review, taking a look at their branding, messaging and customer journey from landing on their website to a Call to Action.

Improving their SEO and Google rankings, Blogging Brilliance is also perfect for this.

Pricing and streamlining services, checking profit margins and hiring in staff.

Creating styled shoots and how to collaborate to get more visible.

Setting boundaries and assisting when a client is having a difficult time.

These are just some of the projects Laura has worked on with past clients.


Laura offers powers hours if you are feeling stuck with something, just need eyes on your business or help with a particular situation.

Previous clients have booked a power hour if they have encountered a problem such as a bad Google review or want me to take a look at their pricing and services.

90 minutes plus follow up
7 euros


Work with Laura for one month with a weekly zoom call and support during the month.
Many clients have created an 'elephant in the room' and are feeling overwhelmed.

Often this is taking a look at your systems, profits, branding or even a complete business overhaul.

Maybe you wish to create a styled shoot but need help and support.

One month mentoring
497 euros


Laura's 3 month mentoring is perfect for anyone wishing to start in the wedding industry.

Laura will help you decide where you wish to niche, brand your business whilst you design your website.

We will work on your services to offer, pricing, creating styled shoots, collaborating and networking plus you will have access to all contracts and wedmin tools.

 3 months mentoring
1297 euros


"Laura, your membership club and content in there is fantastic , thank you.


Even though I have been doing this forever there are so many things changing all the time and you are there to support us and enable us to learn new skills".

Dyana, Dyana Dessar Weddings

"I quit my day job and entered the wedding industry for a better work life balance.

I quickly found I was working until 1am in the morning, spinning far too many plates, struggling to take days off, having a relentless list of unachievable deadlines and SOOO stressed.

Laura helped me see the value in the services I offer, worked with me on branding and pricing and made suggestions for new digital products to help create a passive income.

I also hired new staff, did a new photoshoot, overhauled my website, created new brochures and marketing materials, all of which wouldn't have happened without Laura's input.

I am excited to explore this new direction and I am so glad I found the Business of Weddings on Instagram!"

Rebecca, Splendid Swan Wedding Stationery

"A refreshing change to have a mentor with so much experience to give.

Setting me challenges and goals resulting in no bookings to 15 already for this year.

Loving the new direction I am taking and very excited to see my company grow".

Lali, Ocean Weddings in Spain

"If you are thinking about starting a business in the wedding industry and not sure where to begin, then look no further!

Laura is a fantastic business coach for weddings, she is full of all the tips and tricks of the trade.

I can highly recommend whether you are new to the industry or if you have hit a plateau and need some help on how to market yourself.

Laura will help you you position yourself in the market and teach you all the tactics to grow a strong foundation so that your business can carry you through wind, rain or shine!

Really grateful for our time together".

Thank you Laura x

Gabriella, Gaia Weddings

"An excellent and highly knowledgeable figure within the wedding industry.

I would not hesitate to recommend Laura's services to anyone in the wedding industry.

Her services in person and on a remote basis are excellent".

Sam, Bloomfield Wedding Photography

"Your membership is amazing.

The wedding planning now is going great but I am also learning so much more now on the business side of weddings".

Bernadette, One Fine Day Weddings

"The Business of Weddings has been a great investment for my business.


I had been struggling with pricing and marketing for a long time.

Laura helped me to learn how to put myself out there, collaborate and get more confident.

This resulted in me photographing some amazing suppliers work and put my prices up plus the networking has propelled my wedding photography  business".


Victor, Victor Alaez Photography

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